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the Ultimate Meeting 2005!
>> 21.08.05

We're doing it again.

Stay tuned for the new website and PLEASE VISIT EVOKE 2005!

fun-compo entries available
>> 19.01.05

Hey - we finally managed to get the funcompo-entries online.
Shame on us. Take a quick look at the after-party-page.

Visit breakpoint 2005
>> 10.01.05

Next stop for those who wanna be cool and trendy:

After-Party Section
>> 03.01.05

The After-Party-Section is now online. There you will find the results, releases and audiostreams (as before) as well as a page with links to party-pictures and reports!

If you have pictures or reports or anything like it, please contact us!

After-Party Section
>> 01.01.05

Please send us your pictures/reports/whatever so that we can make a nice after-party page.


It's over!
>> 29.12.04

the Ultimate Meeting 2004 is over. Thank you all for participating.

P.S.: Expect an After-Party page (soon)

Ah, the results are online, too :)
And all releases are available from

Downloads fixed
>> 28.12.04

We fixed the Downloadlinks for some competitions *phew* :)
Please download them via right-click and "save as".

First Releases online
>> 28.12.04

As promised, we have the Releases for the first competitions already online.
You can also vote and listen to the Audiostreams!

the Ultimate LIVE-Features
>> 27.12.04

Yo. As of now all live-features of our website are enabled. Webcam, Audiostreams, Voting and Release download. Of course most areas are still empty (no competitions yet) but "alles wird gut" :)

Emergency number
>> 26.12.04

Merry Christmas everybody!

Ok, here is it. The mighty emergency number when you suck or get lost.
Call ++49 (0) 160 96445238 and ask for "Schinken".

pornophonique live
>> 20.12.04

We're proud to announce another live-act. This time, it's pornophonique - "gameboy meets lagerfeuer". Be surprised :)
Check out their website
More Information
and more

Compomachine Specs
>> 20.12.04

Finally, we know what machines you will be competing on:
Pentium IV 3Ghz
512mb Ram
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
And the same one with an nVidia GeForce 5900

Read more

DCS merchandise release at tUM
>> 20.12.04

Once again, Dreamcast-Scene has a special offer for all tUM visitors. This time, the stylish DCS t-shirt "one" will be available for the first time at tUM*o4 and also stickers will be sold. All this for a very good special price.


>> 14.12.04

Do you want to save us and yourself some precious time at the partyplace? Please send us your beamslides/videos until 24.12. if you want to make sure that they will be shown during the party!

Look at this page for more information.

Special features and a LOT of other stuff!
>> 10.12.04

This year we've got so much special features that we've set up an extra page for them :) We've got everything: internet, 2nd stage, compo-streams, cool prizes - you name it. Please take a closer look and SPREAD THE WORD!

midiOVERlan /Malik Trey vs Gendrift / nuance will perform a live act this year. They already played at buenzli 13 and rocked the crowd. Take a look at their website.

Metalvotze, your friendly c64 group is presenting a c64-only pr0n competition. Just hand in c64 gfx with pornographic content! All gfx will be shown on the bigscreen and judged by certified Metalvotze members. There'll even be prizes!
The only requirements: c64, p0rn, workstages.

If you're doing msx or gfx for c64, you can hand in your entries via EMail. Send your stuff to: entries (at) tum-party (dot) org!

Our preliminary timetable is online. Look!

And the last poll for this year... maybe ;)

Tomcat's t-shirts at tUM
>> 09.12.04

Of course the Hungarian t-shirt mogul will bring some of his best stuff again. Expect some retrocomputing fetish - C-64, Atari, Amiga - again, some original Assembly party t-shirts, and some other funny stuff. Each shirt will cost 12 Euros.

Low priced Dreamcast systems @ tUM*o4
>> 07.12.04

Yet again we're presenting you a very nice surprice for this year's the Ultimate Meeting. On all the three days of the party, Dreamcast-Scene has it's own booth at the party place and sells low priced Dreamcast systems inclusive all cords and at least one controller for only 50 Euros.

To all those packages a CD with the KallistiOS developmet kit and many example applications and source codes is included. The first people who are buying a Dreamcast set also get a few of our new games and accessories (like a second controller, VMUs, coders cables, keyboards, etc.) for free!

This is a nonrecurring event due we sell it even under the purchasing price. Our aim is to give interested sceners the possibility to get their hands of one of the most exciting systems of our days and support the demoscene activity on the Dreamcast. If you want to get sure to get a system on tUM*o4, we can reserve you one if you pay us in advance by PayPal or international bank transfer.

PayPay account and email: info (at)

Great things are happening!
>> 17.11.04

Digitale Kultur e.V. is organizing a bus trip to tUM! This is great news for all of us.
They're starting at Cologne Main Station and even stop at the low cost airline hub Koeln/Bonn Airport. There goes your excuse for not visiting tUM this year :)
More information at their homepage.

This year we'd like to give you the opportunity to submit stuff that you like us to show between competitions/events on the bigscreen in advance. Please check out the new beamstuff page for more information.

Since He-Man clearly dominated our last poll, we have yet another one (yawn).

Main-Sponsor, Entrance fee & other things!
>> 10.11.04

We like to announce our main sponsor!
"Fuerst Internet Solutions" is a leading manufacturer of web-based applications such as online-payment, chat-communities and the like. With their support, we can really turn tUM into the christmas you've always wanted :)

We have finally decided on the entrance fee, which will be 30 Euros this year. As usual, girls get in for free and we are not selling single day tickets.

There are also additions to the rules of the music competitions regarding members of copyright societies.

Postcard-Contest Winners!
>> 03.11.04

Hooray! FZools mother just pulled the winners of the tUM*o4 crazy postcard contest out of the hat!

1st Prize - Free entry for tUM*o4

2nd Prize - Party T-Shirt

3rd Prize - Exclusive tUM*o4 Bag

4th Prize - Honorable mention at ;) RoBoCop/

Congratulations to all of you.

Crazy Postcard-Contest
>> 07.10.04

For those who didn't know yet, we're having a Postcard-Contest this year!
Just go to the Download-Section and download flyer Nr.5 "Damn! It's the ultimate meeting".

There's just one question to answer... can you do it?

Well, if you can - just print it, fill out the missing letters and send it to the given postal address.
Or, if you visited Evoke this year and have the above flyer lying around, use that one instead :)
Alternatively, edit the PDF (or something like that) and send it to

Deadline is the 31.10.2004, the prizes are the following:

1. - Free entry for tUM*o4
2. - Party T-Shirt
3. - Exclusive tUM*o4 Bag
4. - Honorable mention at ;)

What, you're still reading? Just fill it out already!

Fixed invitation, hotel page and a new poll.
>> 22.09.04

The the pc invitation-demo is finally fixed! You can download it in the *drumroll* download-section.

We also added more hotels and created a seperate page for them.

Ah! There's also a new poll.

the Ultimate RSS-Feed
>> 15.09.04

Since Firefox 1.0PR has been released these days, we added the Ultimate RSS-Feed to our website. Firefox users should see a little RSS-Icon at the right bottom of the browser. Just click & bookmark. Other RSS-Readers are working, too of course :)

the Ultimate Newsletter and other things
>> 05.09.04

You can now subscribe to our newsletter. It'll keep you up to date about any changes and additions to the website, the party and all other things concerning the Ultimate Meeting.
You can find subscription-boxes on every page.

Other updates include some press-articles about tUM*o3, a commented poll-archive, where you can see the results of our previous polls, a new map at the partyplace-site and two excellent articles about optimizing your demos for the bigscreen and music-encoding. Thanks go to kb^farbrausch and the breakpoint organizing team for permission to use them.

History and other updates
>> 04.09.04

As you can see, our website is in a constant flux right now :)
We added a new history-section, where you can download all releases of previous tUM's.

A news-archive and a press-area (still empty) has also been added.

Ah, check out some new location-pics over at the partyplace-page.

New orgas & another tUM-invitation
>> 03.09.04

We welcome sonic^smash designs, tobi^smash designs and franky^role to our organizing team.

Also we added Madenmanns overhead-projector tUM-invitation which was released at buenzli this year. Get it in the download-section

Banners available
>> 31.08.04

If you want to help us out a little bit, put one of our banners on your page. They come in different sizes and stuff. Check them out in the banners-section

>> 31.08.04

You need a ride?
You have some empty seats in your car?

Now you can offer/search for rides to tUM*o4 at the Rides Page
Please make use of it, because we want you ALL to be there :)

Back from Evoke2004
>> 30.08.04

We're back! And we brought you two tUM*o4 invitations in flavour c64 and pc (which both ranked #1 btw.).
Grab them in the download-section!

Downloads and postcard-contest
>> 29.08.04

We put our flyers in the newly created download-section. Feel free to print them out for yourselves.

At Evoke, we started a little postcard-contest. If you didn't attend there, please print out flyer nr.5 and fill out and mail one of these instead. Maybe you'll win something :)

Competition rules online
>> 28.08.04

The headline already gives away everything. Here they are. Now you can start producing entries and stuff :)

Travel information
>> 27.08.04

Check out our mad-mapping skillz at the travel-page. There's more to come but just not now.

Updates, Evoke and more...
>> 27.08.04

As you can see, we added another website-theme (the default one) to remind you what beautiful time is up ahead. Christmas with your *real* family - tUM!

We are currently revising the compo rules and some other parts of the page. Updates are coming soon.

Most of the voters liked the anonymous competitions last year. So it looks like we will be doing it again this year. There's also a new vote (duh). Please make use of it :)

And we all hope to see you this weekend at Evoke!
BE THERE. We surely will :)

Alienware rules!
>> 21.08.04

We'd like to welcome Alienware as a sponsor of tUM*o4!

Since 1996 Alienware Corporation is manufacturing innovative high-performance computers. They are striving to take a leadership within the sector of custom PC solutions.
Be sure to check out their site:

btw: ok, their machines are great for gaming, but they are perfect for running all those fancy modern hi-end demos!

Anonymous Competitions?
>> 20.07.04

It looks like most of the people want to have seperated pixel and raytraced competitions. As we are very kind and generous, we'll think about it again :-)

Another topic are "Anonymous Competitions"
Some of you may remember last year's tUM where we chose not to display the names and groups of the artists of the single artists competitions (graphics and music). We did this so that the voters can concentrate on the actual art and not the artist (to somewhat limit the namevoting).
So here's a poll to get the people's opinion about that.

Go on vote, what are you waiting for?

Combined Graphics Competition
>> 12.07.04

It looks like many people don't really know what a combined graphics competition is, so here's the scoop.

Since we didn't have many entries for the pixel- and the raytraced competitions in the last two years, we thought about combining them into one big(ger) graphics competition. Just like the freestyle-gfx competition at Breakpoint. For some it may seem a little unfair but we think this could provide us with a less boring compo and also boost the overall quality of the gfx-entries.

Amiga anyone?
>> 26.06.04

This years tUM will feature Amiga-compos for the first time in the history of the party. Please support us (and the Amiga-platform) by releasing loooots of Amiga-demos :-)

>> 25.06.04

Welcome to the new tUM*o4 party homepage. Look around and register for this years tUM. We are currently reviewing our competition-rules and some other stuff which will be online as soon as possible. Should you have any questions, please use the contact form to get in touch with us.


welcome to the tUM*o4 homepage. tUM will take place from 27.12. - 29.12.04 at the same location as last year.


View past polls


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