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Special features and a LOT of other stuff!
>> 10.12.2004

This year we've got so much special features that we've set up an extra page for them :) We've got everything: internet, 2nd stage, compo-streams, cool prizes - you name it. Please take a closer look and SPREAD THE WORD!

midiOVERlan /Malik Trey vs Gendrift / nuance will perform a live act this year. They already played at buenzli 13 and rocked the crowd. Take a look at their website.

Metalvotze, your friendly c64 group is presenting a c64-only pr0n competition. Just hand in c64 gfx with pornographic content! All gfx will be shown on the bigscreen and judged by certified Metalvotze members. There'll even be prizes!
The only requirements: c64, p0rn, workstages.

If you're doing msx or gfx for c64, you can hand in your entries via EMail. Send your stuff to: entries (at) tum-party (dot) org!

Our preliminary timetable is online. Look!

And the last poll for this year... maybe ;)

did you know?

...that mbb lost his temper during the ansi-competition at tUM*o2?


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