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special features

chill-in and chill-out
You're arriving early or your plane leaves late? This is your chance to see the organizers sweat, run and curse as we try to get everything done in time. But that doesn't have to bother you, because you'll be listening to cool dj-music and watching demos at the second stage. The same goes for the time after the prizegiving ceremony. Parties don't have to end at noon, you'll see :)

internet access
This year, the Ultimate Meeting features internet access for all visitors. Wanna check some mails, need a file for your entry or chat with your girl at home? No problem there.

direct availability of releases
As a nice sideeffect, we will make all releases directly available on our website, as soon as the competition is over. So those who can't attend this year don't have to wait until after the party. But that's not all: you can also vote for all releases over the internet! Those votes will be used as a comparison to the normal voting at the partyplace.

We'll also have an user-controllable webcam at the partyplace, so you can take a close look on what you're missing. Wanna see FZools nosehair or D.Fox' bald head? Zoom right in :)

audio- and video steaming
Since everybody loved the streams of the music-competitions last year, this time we'll be streaming them over the internet, too. For the people at the partyplace, we'll stream videos of all the other competitions as well. Sounds cool, eh? :)

second stage
Since some parties feature a second stage - this year we will as well. Constant action in form of fun-competitions (we have a LOT of those), liveacts and dj-music is awaiting you.

party network
As usual, we'll have a cool party-intranet. You can upload and edit your entries, preview your entry-beamslide, order tasty food, send messages to other sceners, vote and of course download all the releases from there. No need to get up to do stuff anymore :)

upload and voting terminal
For those without computer, we'll have a upload and voting terminal ready. There you can - well - you'll figure it out :)

cool prizes
Unlike other parties, the Ultimate Meeting features some very innovative and cool prizes. Be surprised :)

dreamcast sale
Dreamcast-Scene has a booth at tUM and is going to sell every visitor exclusivly a low priced Dreamcast system with all cords, VMU, controller, keyboard and a developing kit CD with tutorials for only 50 Euro. You won't find such a good price for a set like this for a long time! Additionally, stylish and cheap DCS stickers and t-shirts will be around as well.

did you know?

...that mbb lost his temper during the ansi-competition at tUM*o2?


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