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Crazy Postcard-Contest
>> 07.10.2004

For those who didn't know yet, we're having a Postcard-Contest this year!
Just go to the Download-Section and download flyer Nr.5 "Damn! It's the ultimate meeting".

There's just one question to answer... can you do it?

Well, if you can - just print it, fill out the missing letters and send it to the given postal address.
Or, if you visited Evoke this year and have the above flyer lying around, use that one instead :)
Alternatively, edit the PDF (or something like that) and send it to

Deadline is the 31.10.2004, the prizes are the following:

1. - Free entry for tUM*o4
2. - Party T-Shirt
3. - Exclusive tUM*o4 Bag
4. - Honorable mention at ;)

What, you're still reading? Just fill it out already!

did you know?

...that mbb lost his temper during the ansi-competition at tUM*o2?


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