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This year tUM is taking place in Hemsbach. Hemsbach is a little town in the north-west of Baden-Württemberg of Germany. Maybe you want to visit the official site of Hemsbach to inform a little bit more about the town.

by car
You can reach Hemsbach via highway A5. The correct exit is announced as "Hemsbach, Lampertheim"(Exit 32).
Here is a map which guides you from the highway exit to the party place. Some free parking slots are directly in front of the hall.

by plane
As Hemsbach is situated near Frankfurt the best choice is Frankfurt Airport, which is the biggest one here in Germany. For more informations about Frankfurt Airport and for flights to or from Frankfurt, check the official homepage I'll now describe how to get from this airport to the party place.

from Frankfurt Airport:
This is not very complicated. Frankfurt Airport has two railway stations. The local railway station for S-Bahn and the long-distance railway station, which is at the "AIRail" Terminal, right beside Terminal 1. Trains arrive at and depart from platforms 4 to 7. At the long-distance railway station, there's a train going to Darmstadt Hbf, there you must change trains to direction Heidelberg or Mannheim (both via Hemsbach). It costs about 20 Euro. You might want to check out exact time schedules at the Deutsche Bahn TravelService: Enter "From" = "Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf" and "To" = "Hemsbach Bahnhof".

from Hahn Airport:
There is also a cool&cheap alternative for some countries: the airport "Frankfurt/Hahn". It is used by the low-price airline ryanair. "Frankfurt/Hahn" in fact is 150km away from "Frankfurt am Main", which means about 200kms away from Hemsbach. For example, a trip London -> Frankfurt/Hahn is just 20€ (depending on when you are booking). Travelling from Hahn to Hemsbach is not very complicated: the best way is to take the shuttle bus to Mainz. From there grab a train with direction to Hemsbach. You might want to check out exact time schedules at the Deutsche Bahn TravelService: Enter "From = Mainz Hbf" and "To = Hemsbach Bahnhof".

by train
when coming by train, you have to use some major train to Hemsbach. The Deutsche Bahn offers rabates of 50%-70% for people travelling as "group" (a group must consist of a minimum of 6 people) and early booking. Just check out the official site of the "Deutsche Bahn (DB)" .

if you want to organize a bustrip to our party and you are still searching for ppl to fill your bus, please contact us.

...and once you`re in Hemsbach
You can make use of the free shuttle service. But you must (!) contact us in advance, so that we can pick you up (please include number of people and expected time or arrival). If you`re coming without equipment, you can also take a walk. Just take a look at the map to see that the railway station is not really far away from the partyplace.
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