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You do not want to sleep at the partyplace? So contact one of the hotels directly to place a reservation.

China Restaurant-Hotel "Sportcenter"
Hüttenfelder-Strasse 44
69502 Hemsbach
phone: 0049 (0)6201 472395

The hotel is directly at the partyplace!
Special prices for tUM visitors!
30,00€/night single room or
40,00€/night double room, both with breakfast

Seehotel Wiesensee
Seeweg 6
69502 Hemsbach

phone: 0049 (0)6201 47100
The hotel is near the Partyplace, located at the "Wiesensee". Check the map.
36,50€/night single room or
52,00€/night double room or
58,00€/night double room seaside, all with breakfast

Haus Hörr
Mühlweg 32
69502 Hemsbach
phone: 0049 (0)6201 71752

The hotel can ONLY be reached by car!
17,00€/night without breakfast
20,00€/night with breakfast

Schlossgasse 35
69502 Hemsbach
phone: 0049 (0)6201 43575

48,00€/night single room or
67,00€/night double room (with shower) or
75,00€/night double room (with bathtub ;)
did you know?

...that mbb lost his temper during the ansi-competition at tUM*o2?


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