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Low priced Dreamcast systems @ tUM*o4
>> 07.12.2004

Yet again we're presenting you a very nice surprice for this year's the Ultimate Meeting. On all the three days of the party, Dreamcast-Scene has it's own booth at the party place and sells low priced Dreamcast systems inclusive all cords and at least one controller for only 50 Euros.

To all those packages a CD with the KallistiOS developmet kit and many example applications and source codes is included. The first people who are buying a Dreamcast set also get a few of our new games and accessories (like a second controller, VMUs, coders cables, keyboards, etc.) for free!

This is a nonrecurring event due we sell it even under the purchasing price. Our aim is to give interested sceners the possibility to get their hands of one of the most exciting systems of our days and support the demoscene activity on the Dreamcast. If you want to get sure to get a system on tUM*o4, we can reserve you one if you pay us in advance by PayPal or international bank transfer.

PayPay account and email: info (at)

did you know?

...that mbb lost his temper during the ansi-competition at tUM*o2?


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