written by various attenders

Unlock: Second day, morning, early. Starting off with the live press coverage from TUM. Up to now, the party is pretty awesome. PAiN brings you fresh photos as well as random impressions & speeches by the elites that are right here at the party place.
Dixan: Second day, early morning, near Unlock. I have been asked to write interesting stuff here, but I have faded memories of what happened yesterday afternoon. The combo "car trip - hotel room" proved to be successful once again. At least we could shower and have breakfast, so I don't feel as horrible as I should be in a party morning. Cool, porn movies are being projected on the hall wall, cumshot now! \o/ ok, time to leave the keys to someone smarter...
Dalezy: i just woke up, right in time for the tracked musick compo. the party's cool, the people's cool, all i miss is a good working soundsystem with less bass. the first musick-compos were not really enjoyable due to the fact that the speaker pretty much ate up everything that was played, causing nothing but a big audial blast - in a negative way. anyway, like i care, i'm here for the goodspirit, i can hear all the entries at home as well. other than that, i'm glad that i woke up without having a hangover, though sleeping was quite an adventure as i layed down on a somewhat small bench, which made me rather focus on not to fall down rather than sleeping. let's see what else is going on today ..
Dominei: It's quite amazing. I originally thought of staying in Norway for xmas, but now I'm here. The story is simple: The day before christmas eve I got a call from Quant / Bamiga Sector One telling I should represent their new production here at tUM. Plane tickets and additional cash was awaiting me at the airport. They gave me an aluminium briefcase and a suit. I wore my sunshades. I was getting somewhere. Arriving at the party was not so easy, my driver didn't meet us at the VIP corner on the airport. A setback, but we managed to get to the partyplace. There we met some people, gave them the briefcase and got filled in on the latest developments. It's now eleven in the morning. I quote uncle-x: "I am drunk and hungover at the same time". Yes.
Okkie: Evoke roooocks this is a very decent party sofar but my night sleep was kinda strange. I decided to crash in our rented van, cause it would be cosy and quiet. IT WAS FRICKIN FREEZING! but to my surprise, after a few hours of bad sleep i noticed some sounds outside. When i looked out i saw 2 girls wandering through the parkinglot, they seemed to be looking for something. I opened the door of the van and asked them whatwas up. They told me that they where at a party nearby, they where hooked on several illegal substances and where looking for a place to crash. I immediatley offered them a place in our large van. Both girls where quite hot. Julia was a blonde, petit girl and Ursula was a brunette with fairly large breasts. When they where inside, the atmosphere changed immediatley, it was not that cold anymore. We decided, without speaking, to take off our clothing and we proceeded in an awesome threesome. At one point i was fucking Ursula from behing while Julia was licking my asshole like a pro. These germans girls where freaks when it came to sex. They where both begging for my semen and after a few hours of mad love making and filthy sex i could not contain myself any longer, i sprayed my hot manjuice over both the girls tits and we fell in a deep, lovedrenched sleep. So hey, it is a decent party.
XXX: I am so tired. I just woke up and had a shower and Unlock already starts nagging. I am foreced to write something about tUM. After all the beer i had. You got to know that we had alot of beer. This year we brought beer in kegs. Urgemnder Obergrig. It's a beer that is brewed like Klsch but is not allowd to be called Klsch because it isn't brewed in Kln. The best about the beer is the price. It is even cheaper than Klsch sold in bottles. That's the reason for the huge amount of beer we brought. While i am at it. Please forgive my singing last night.
Fred: Hemsbach seems to be stuck in the 80's. We are experiencing some back-to-the-future-syndroma. Everything started right after we left the motorway. Imagine big roads, small houses and nothing going on. After a first visit to the party, we tried to find our hotel. What an experience. A huge building in the middle of nowhere witha self-promoted lake next to it. We opened the small door and entered the first lobby. A xmas tree in one corner playing weird xmas chiptunes with random false tones. After visiting three different receptions, we met some stoned man who finally cared giving us a room key. Looking at the many chilling corners in the whole hotel, looking at the many pictures on the different walls, it seems that there was once some life in the place. But this was certainly 20 years ago.
Uncle-x: I feel like shit. I feel horrible. There is an unreal tournament going on inside my brain and i think i will vomit soon. I consumed horrible amounts of alcohol and other things the previous night and decided not to go to the free hotel room i was offered. I also can not remember shit from last night. Now it is morning and i want to go home. The lizards have started to crawl up my legs and the trolls are just around the corner, waiting for me to make a mistake. In other words, i am experiencing the stereotypical horrible party hangover. It has been extremely fun... And truck went for a new beer!? pan-americans are weird...
Sir Garbagetruck: Right, so, Fred sazs this is a swiss german kezboard, and obviouslz this is going to be all messed up. At leasst I dont have to shift in order to get numbers. Um, right, wheres mz beer_ I have ordered manz liters of beer, and I havent seen anz of them zet. I havent paid for them either )which is bad= but ' well. I need to both getmz beer, and get mz pazment in. Ok lets see what else, um, zes I need to get the dreamcast devkit thing out and also, um, hmm. Oh zes, rented a car in Kln to come here )long storz, zoull see something of it in Ciarans report, which prollz wont be in this issue of pain but in his email mag static line = So rented this car. German rental cars are about 10000 times better than British rental cars. I have to rent a car in England in order to get to work and all, and it costs 2x the cost here and is just ... well its a P... I cant spell that right now. And so I rented a VW Golf, and its just a joz to drive, what with the gearshifting and the driving and Ive just been accused of Optimus szndrome so I guess Ill shut up now and get mz beer. Hez, Im no Pan'American, Im a FUCKING American, dammit.
Dipswitch: Oh my, that was a boozing extravaganza yesterday. The Cologne Scene posse had 100l of finest Klsch, and, needless to say, the major part already got emptied yesterday night. Watching a demo, having a ton of beer... Nice people, nice athmosphere! Talked with a nice lady the whole night but was too wasted to make further steps.... Shit happens! And actually, this is my firtst party since 2001 where I have a network-connected computer with me. Slengpung-liveupdate galore! (IF the internet would work fluently.) Well, now let's pass the keyboard rock to...
Franky: Okilidokili... now lets see how i get used to this swiss germanese keyboard.. andif this editor wraps automaticallz (hmm hey it does) and fu*k the typos.. muhhaha.. anyhoo, Drifters have expanded on this party.. I joined the group so that means after 6 years me and ClarY (grmnblzz, put the Y on the correct place zou weirdos) are in the same group again.. meeeemories - lets start group chanting again as we did on Mekka/Symposium 1997. This ofcourse means that I am becoming an old fart as well.. Soit, the party here.. seems to be going allright, I'm part of the "Additional Support" team wich means I have some shifts at the infodesk etc but that should be ok. Nice to see an organisation such as this one from the other side. Also got an entry in the Wild competition here so if you should read this before the voting deadline : VOTE FOR ME !!! Entry numer 1, in the Wild compo that is. Otherwise RBBS (the Royal Belgian Beer Squardon, for you unknowing human carbon units) was present as well represented by myself and the one and only Santa... on offer : half a crate of Dobbel Palm (4 years old, jummy), half a crate of Duvel (feel the power of the devil, nicely encapsulated in alcohol) and the obligatory case of Jupiller - the power and might of Interbrew ! As I've promised Clary somne preview of the Drifters website I'll be scooting off now and leave the keyboard to someone else to abuse. Peace out.. En da ge nog lang ga mogen mogen, met al die plezante zwitserse en duitse keyboardjes... Buy a C64 !
shadez: We started boozing right after we woke up. More sceneres arrived during theday and we ended up being fucking drunk. It has been great party so far. Hmm I think I can't remember more right now, may be because of huge amount of that sweet beer.
fieserWolF: Party party party - and the fun just has begun. If all this keeps on going the way it does, TUM is going to be my real "ultimate meeting" in 2004! After attending this party last year and after spreading the word around that this event rocks really hard in the mighty METALVOTZE group I already had the highest expectations. This year, the TUM organizers improved their party a lot, mainly in these points: Firstly, they make more people finding their way to Hemsbach. The excellent party hall is filled, but not overcrowded with sceners and reminds me of old Mekka/Symposium days before it began to suck. Next important point is that TUM organizers show more activity on stage and on big screen during the whole event. An additional stage in the back and continuous presence of background music add a lot to that electrifying party feeling. Furthermore I am very glad so many METALVOTZE members managed to arrive here. We spended the whole night catching up with other sceners and fixing some code for our METALVOTZE banner. Ok, ok, enough from the genital elite at this point, I have to get something to eat. Widdy is also waiting for me to present his latest "Bavarian sppecial stuff" on video...
Clary: Tum is a really great party, the place to be at the end of the year to spend timewith all our scener friends. A big thanks to the organiser that have give us this great party. If you haven't been there yet, Join the Ultimate Meeting next time!!
Unlock: Right now, the MP3-Compo is running, it's fucking loud inside the party hall. A good moment to finish up with this article, finish up with PAiN - and I'll finally be able to enjoy the party too. Thanks to all the writers in this article, an elite selection through all sorts of visitors. To make it official: TUM*04 is teh great party, if you're not here, you miss something. The pictures in here were shot by Dipswitch..